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OKW Customer magazine INSIDE 12/2023

Highlights of this issue:

SOLID-BOX - Elegant IP66/67 enclosure for industrial applications
Measuring Technology - Modern enclosures for today's accurate and reliable measuring technology

Customer magazine INSIDE 10/2022

Highlights of this issue:

MINI-DATA-BOX - The new small enclosure for miniaturized electronics integration
CONTROL-KNOBS - Tuning knobs for menu-driven electronics

Customer magazine INSIDE 06/2021

Highlights of this issue:

SMART-PANEL - Elegant wall-mounted enclosure for modern control units
SLIM-CASE - Slim design handheld enclosure

Customer magazine INSIDE 05/2020

Highlights of this issue:

EASYTEC - Wall-mounted enclosure for the integration of smart sensors
SMART-CONTROL - The first standard enclosure for easy installation in room corners

Customer magazine INSIDE 05/2019

Highlight of this issue:

PROTEC - The new square enclosure series with highest ease of use

Customer magazine INSIDE 01/2018

Highlight of this issue:

SMART-TERMINAL - Sophisticated aluminium profile enclosures for central control units

Customer magazine INSIDE 02/2017

Highlight of this issue: 

EVOTEC - Robust new enclosures for contemprary desktop applications

Customer magazine INSIDE 01/2017

Highlight of this issue:

STYLE-CASE - Highly polished and ergonomic handheld enclosure

Customer magazine INSIDE 12/2016 - special edition

The "Turtle" is celebrating its birthday

Customer magazine INSIDE 01/2016

Highlight of this issue:

BODY-CASE - The new enclosure for wearable technologies

Customer magazine INSIDE 02/2015

Highlight of this issue:

CONNECT - The new enclosure for wired applications

Customer magazine INSIDE 01/2015

Highlight of this issue:

Compact handheld enclosures. The new DATEC-COMPACT

Customer magazine INSIDE 02/2014

Highlight of this issue:

Harmonious blend of materials. The new SYNERGY

Customer magazine INSIDE 01/2014

Highlight of this issue:

Elegant and sophisticated. The new NET-BOX

Customer magazine INSIDE 01/2013

Highlight of this issue:

The new BLOB series in universal design

Leaflet Enclosures and Tuning Knobs for Building Services and Security


Safeguard and showcase your advanced building services and security systems: ensure optimum protection of your electronic components and sensors. OKW offers a wide range of enclosures and tuning knobs ideally suited to wall-mounted, desktop/tabletop, mobile and wearable electronics – along with DIN rail enclosures for control cabinets or distribution boxes.

Leaflet Enclosures and Operating Elements for Measurement Technology

Enclosures and operating elements for measurement technology

OKW electronic enclosures and tuning knobs meet the exacting standards required for precision measurement, automation and control. Smart, ergonomic enclosures with application-specific accessories offer users fatigue-free viewing and operation. Robust construction protects your electronics - even in harsh environments.
Don't compromise on precision. Measure and control your world with OKW enclosure solutions!

Leaflet Enclosures and operating elements for embedded solutions

Enclosures and operating elements for embedded solutions

Embedded systems are at the heart of many products, machines and intelligent processes, performing important control, regulation and monitoring tasks. To ensure that your electronic components are optimally protected from external influences, we offer you a wide variety of enclosure ranges which are ideally suited to your applications.


Enclosures and Tuning Knobs for medical equipment

OKW's range of plastic and aluminium enclosures are perfect for many different applications in the medical electronics field. For example handheld, wall and table-top mounted medical equipment in hospitals, dental surgeries and in the wellness industry. The enclosures can also be mounted to suspension arms, trollies, bed frames and hospital DIN rails (EN ISO 19054).

Leaflet Smart Enclosures for Smart Industry

Smart enclosures for smart industry

OKW enclosures are optimally designed for applications in the smart factory: they are available as mobile variants, wearable enclosures, as wall-mounted or table-top versions, robust, sealed, in diŽerent sizes and versions, and with a comprehensive range of accessories.
Find out about intelligent enclosures technology for the digital factory and start immediately with creative standards from OKW!

Tuning knobs catalogue 2022


In our catalogue you will find our extensive range of tuning knobs as well as the possibilities for customising.

Certificate ISO 9001 : 2015

OKW Quality Management

Certificate IQNet ISO 9001 : 2015

OKW Quality Management

Compliance environmental directives

Environmental questions (critical substances)

Our products meet the requirements of the environmental directives and regulations such as REACH, RoHS, WEEE etc. You can download a summary of the materials in question as well as confirmation of their compliance here.

Zugelassener Wirschaftsbeteiligter AEO/F

OKW is "Authorised economic operator AEO/F"

This audit can be viewed on the European Commission online database using the link below.

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