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LoRa GPS tracker with alarm button

LoRa GPS tracker with alarm button

The ioTracker is a LoRa (Long Range Wide Area WAN) based GPS tracker with alarm functions. All components are selected carefully and merged into a revolutionary design. The optimum collaboration between the hardware and the software provides an amazing user experience, without having to worry about charging. The ioTracker can be used with a web-based cloud platform and Android / iOS apps. Integration with external systems is also possible.

The tracker has a whole series of advantages:

  • Location determination
    Track location with 50-meter accuracy. You can activate the GPS function using the app for 2-meter accuracy.
  • Alarm button
    By pressing the button, you receive an alarm notification in the app.
  • Long battery life
    The ioTracker will work up to 2 years with a standard CR2450 battery.
  • Temperature
    The temperature sensor indicates the current temperature of the ioTracker.
  • Buzzer
    The buzzer provides a sound which helps you find the ioTracker.
  • LoRa connected
    The LoRa network provides the ioTracker with long-range communication with low energy consumption.



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